Graduation 2014 BA (Hons) Creative Sound & Music / University of South Wales

Graduation 2014 BA (Hons) Creative Sound & Music / University of South Wales

A passionate Naturalist and Professional Musician based in Gwent with a love for Sound Ecology. Former Trainee Warden 2016-17 for the Brecon Beacons National Park and current Welsh Water employee, positioned Seasonal Ranger at Llandegfedd Reservoir. 

In my time I've also pursued work as a web developer for Evergreen Supplies LTD, Volunteered for Gwent Wildlife Trust and continue to maintain a Wildlife related Community page called Llandegfedd Reservoir Wildlife on Facebook. 


  • Upper Second Class Degree with Honours (2:1 Hons) | University of South Wales, Newport | Creative Sound and Music
  • Distinction, Merit, Merit (DMM) | Crosskeys College | Music Practise 
  • Gwent Wildlife Trust Photography Competition Winner 2014 & 2015

Below a video of a fantastic opportunity I had to film alongside renowned naturalist and ornithologist Iolo Williams. A proud Welshman and the voice that wildlife needs here in the Uk at a time where 60% of our wildlife has declined. 


Work Experience:

I've had various work experiences, despite spending most of my academic years studying Music. Listed below are some of the more official Job roles.

  • Welsh Water / Llandegfedd Reservoir | Seasonal Ranger 
  • Brecon Beacons National Park | Trainee Warden
  • Gwent Wildlife Trust |  Wildlife Sound Recording Workshops 
  • Evergreen Supplies | Web Developer (3-4 days a week)
  • Wildlife Camera Trap Man | Hired by Aden Productions for Tv Series starring Iolo Williams to manage wildlife trail camera's in Pontypool Park
  • BBC Wildlife Guide | Wildlife Guide for Presenter Iolo Williams for Screening of 'Iolo William's Welsh Parks' aired 2015
  • Session Musician | Musicals - We Will Rock You, Les Mis, Fame and Chicago.
  • Studio Production | Signed Artist Ellie Mccue.
  • Drummer for Bands | The Venture, Hey!25 and Morning Wood.
  • Session Musician for Katie Vally's School of Music.
  • Argos | Stock Assistant  
  • Dragon Bands | Drum Teacher, Administrator, Assistant, Radio Presenter, Magazine Editor and Music Therapist.
  • Burleigh Academy Newport | Sound & Lighting Technician for West Side Story, Fashions Shows and Functions. 
  • Trosnant Baptist Church | Media Designer & Advertising | Youth Worker 


Over the years I've been able to play for Musical Theatre, Choirs, Orchestra's, Jazz Bands and Covers Bands, and have always bought the best I have to offer from a naturally adaptive style of playing. I studied Music Performance in Crosskeys College for 3 years and continued my studies at The University of South Wales, Newport on a credited course called Creative Sound & Music. Through all this I've had lots of experience in all aspects of the Music industry from Composing, Recording, Producing, Sound Engineering, Stage Management, Documentary Management, Lighting Engineer, Events Manager and everything in between.

Photography / Ornithology:

My love for Wildlife grows with age as I realise the importance of our local biodiversity and appreciate just how lucky we are in the Uk to have such amazing ecology around us. Photography has always been a way of showing my appreciation of this and I hope that is shows through my photographs. My passion has recently been noticed by the BBC landing me some great opportunities this year filming with Iolo Williams for a Documentary called 'Iolo's Great Welsh Parks' airing early 2015. As well as being filmed, I managed the hidden camera's on location in search of key species of mammal like Deer and Otter. 

I am a member of the RSPB, Gwent Wildlife Trust, on the committee for Gwent Ornithological Society and a regular to my local Biodiversity Partnership Meetings. In my spare time after graduation (September 2014) I've been volunteering at Project Nestbox Wales full time where I've worked out in the field erecting boxes, studying certain species like Pied Flycatchers, Producing a series of documentaries filmed by myself to fill out a website that I designed from scratch. In my time with Project Nestbox I created an entire brand while also getting hands on with the school workshops and field work. 

I am still pursuing a full time Job in conservation despite having a fantastic position with Welsh Water at Llandegfedd.  

Short Story

" My love for Birds started with my Grandfather, Derek Wagg. He used to take me and teach me on countless trips to the countryside. Growing up however, there were some key moments that changed the way we both shared this hobby. There came a time where he could no longer keep up with me, he could no longer see the things that I was trying to show him through the binoculars. It was then that I bought myself a camera. I tried to take pictures of the things that I saw so that he could feel like he wasn't missing out. I could take these pictures right to his door step and it would be just like it used to be. The degeneration in his eyes soon brought him to drive less distances and eventually lead him to quit altogether. This was fine for a while but things got worse, to the point where he could hardly see the phone or computer in front of him. Slowly, the photo's were hardly recognisable to him. I found him putting on a front just so that he wouldn't feel like he was disappointing me. So, it's here that I decided to not just photograph, but to record the sounds of nature. If he couldn't see them, he could certainly hear them...So long as his hearing aid was on...This experience has made it so much easier for me to relate to my Grandfather again just like we used to. I don't think he will ever realise just how much this experience has changed me. My appreciation for this world grows every single day- for we are not guarantied a tomorrow, but we don't need a tomorrow, because we have, today. "