Whether Sky fixed my Wifi problem after a week or whether it fixed itself is unclear at this present time but either way I'm making the most of it while it is working! 

You haven't missed much though! If you live in around Pontypool, you would have experienced the soggy weather we've been experiencing in the past week or so. I've tried my best to get out in it however and sporting a new 'Weather Proof' bag, I've braced the elements to try and get some shots from the local Park. 

Below are a few of my favourites from my visit to a wonderful hidden gem of a sight called Forest Farm in Cardiff. 

Not the first time that Mink has been seen at Forest Farm. Something that is slightly, especially if 'Friends of Forest Farm' plan on releasing any Watervowl in the future. Some Mink traps may be on the list of things to do in the future as this location isn't just a hotspot for food for the Mink, but also a good spot for the Mink to breed with a Canal, Stream and River for the Mink to hunt in.