Let the feeding begin! If you wish to contribute to Llandegfedds feeding station this winter, please contact me because any help will be appreciated. I'm aiming to treat the local Badgers, Foxes and of course whatever comes in for the seed in the feeders. This is a personal experiment for me as I'll be testing different foods and also feeding methods to deter the Grey Squirells. Or atleast to keep them on their toes ;). Feeders are on a clothes line so that alone will make it hard for the squirrels. 

logs will be used for the many Mice that already visit and different floor methods for fallen fruit will hopefully attract fieldfare, redwing and other medium sized birds. 


If you simply wish to enjoy the feeders, all I ask is that you document any activity and report it to me or post it on Llandegfedd Reservoir Wildlife page so that I can note it down.