Well, I didn't expect this much support! Just yesterday I had another generous donation from a Partner at work.  


As you can see, I put his money to good use!  

I've also just had some fantastic news from Gwent Ornithological Society who accepted my application for a 'Burt Hamar Bursary' that will provide me with just the funding I need to get through the winter and run this project properly. Burt Hamar was one of the founders of GOS and even has a memorial hide inplace at Llandegfedd on the West Bank. I hope I make him and everyone at GOS proud and I'm very much appreciative of their support. 

I'll be setting out tomorrow to re-fill the feeders and assess how much has been eaten. I'll be logging all activity in my time there and hopefully the opportunity will bring a nice photograph or two. 

Many thanks to everyone