During a buzz of spotting my first Bewicks Swans (Later ID'd to be Whoopers!**) for Llandegfedd, I noticed that there was something going on at the visitors centre car park. Looks like a car may have had their handbreak fail or something as there was 2 fire engines and lots of police trying to attend someone in the lower car that might have been hit by the falling car.  (speculation) I hope nobody was hurt. 

Feeding station is doing really well! Lots of activity with the added addition of a Nuthatch amongst the typicals. In other news, 2 Peregrines were on the banks of the North end having been hunting along the waters edge. Male and Female! Beautiful birds. 

Really early trip to Symonds Yat Rock this morning with good friend Ian Howells to see a Marsh Tit and a stop off on the way home at Cefn Ila where we saw a Red Admiral feeding on an ivy bush along with lots of Honey Bees! Making the most of the sun while it was out!.