You may get fed up of hearing about this feeding station this winter because I do intend on spending a lot of time there. Today I had a great session with good friend Paul Joy. Our day started off as a rather wet one up Blaenavon which for most of the morning was in a thick fog like rain. Upon arrival to Llandegfedd, we must have just spooked a Sparrowhawk off a kill because right at the gate laid a Wood Pigeon that was on it's last legs. Half plucked but still alive! We had to make a judgement call and we opted to put it out of its misery as it had lost a lot of blood and there were hardly any feathers left on the wing. Rather than waste the pigeon, we put it in the feeding station. Of all things to take an interest, the first bird that came in on the pigeon was actually a Greater Spotted Woodpecker! I've seen this before with GSW but to come in so soon on this kill was quite impressive. In other news, Long-tailed Tits were the highlight on the feeders for me. It won't be long before we start getting Gold Finches as they did take an interest today but for the time being they are remaining a little spooked by our presence. Here are some of the photographs from todays session. Not great light but still nice day.