I miss spring! I shouldn't wish it upon us so soon into winter because it comes around so fast and before you know it, you have to wait an entire year again but, really, I cannot wait till spring 2016. I have so much planned! My sound recording is going to pick up massively in spring with new recording gear and with it, hopefully some interesting projects as a result. Recording bird song presents very different challenges to photography. Yes, getting close does help, just like photography but there are other factors that get in the way, like background noise! With photography, you need a clear background visually and with sound recording you need a clear background audibly. To rule out traffic, wind, rain, people, farm animals, planes, helicopters and other forms of human related noises is very very difficult in this day and age. It's safe to say that sound recording is becoming harder and harder every day which is why it's becoming less popular. Despite all those challenges, when you get it right, you get rewarded in such a way that is unforgeable. Just like photography, when you get it right, its an experience you'll never forget.