I do apologise! My website is becoming some what of a Llandegfedd feature this year. I've naturally spent a lot more time there this winter due to the feeders. I've been visiting nearly every day to keep them topped up and as a result, have a lot to share about Llandeg. 

The usual on the feeders today with 2 Redpoll taking an interest but not quite coming in as of yet. I did however erect a new Niger Feeder for the finches so I'm hoping that pics up soon. 

At the end of the day, I met up with Craig Constance and Tom Chinnick to have a scan in the Gull Roost from Petingale Hide. It was looking pretty standard with the exception of 2 Yellow-legged Gulls until just after Dark when thousands more Gulls turned up and Tom managed to spot a Mediterranean gull amongst the Black-headed. That saved the day really! (No pictures sorry, it was after sunset). Other than that, we had 15 Goosander, 3 Mandarin, 10 Wigeon and 80-100 Teal.