Some are probably wondering what Bio-musicology actually is as I have it written on all my cards that I hand out. I thought i'd give you a quick explanation just incase you are one of those people. 

Bio-musicology is a broad term used for someone who studies musical elements within the animal kingdom. Not just vocalisation from their mouths, but sounds made in other various ways, usually very unique to an individual species: much like this Club-winged Manakin Bird in the video below that actually vibrates the wings so fast it produces that amazing sound. This type of sound producing is simular to Crickets, which brings me on to something quite incredible. Jim Wilson claims that his recording of crickets slowed down actually sounds like a choir and well, listening to the recording it really does sound like a choir! How true this is regarding his editing methods I'm not entirely sure but below that recording i've posted my own of a Blackcap which sounds incredibly like Monkies in a rainforest! It resembles more the sounds you actually hear in rainforests and I had to ask myself, why? The reason why the lower pitched song sounds like birds from the rainforest is simple because the birds in places like the Amazon don't have to contend with human environmental sounds, meaning that they can sing at lower pitches without disturbance. It's a known fact that Blackbirds have raised their volume in towns and cities to contend with traffic noise and this resulted also in a raise of pitch.