Stoping off at Llandegfedd after a day of Birding with my good friend Paul Joy and straight away, arrived at North Fishermans Car Park to be greeted by lots of Dogs and screaming kids. Not a good start and the trip got worse as we followed the path to Green Pool hide only to find a very injured Black Swan! The poor bird has been here at Llandegfedd for a long time now so to see it in such a state after seeing it feeding fine just the other day was really sad. After a few calls, we finally got hold of Newport Swan Rescue centre and they got out to us as soon as possible where a guy called Peter (who used to be chairmen of Gwent Ornithology Society) came to collect the bird. The poor Black Swan looked like it had broken its leg somehow and I really hope that it wasn't Dogs to blame for this because if I find out it is, I will be forming a big complaint to add to the list of other things I could complain about, like the littering and Dog poo that is already causing problems. 

In other news, I found yet another beetle! This time it was a Burying Beetle! also known as a Sexton Beetle! These beetles are truly incredible creatures that require small dead animals to survive. Upon finding a dead bird or mouse, the Burying Beetle will protect that carcass like it was its own child, it does this until a female arrives where it will then do it's business and she will lay it's eggs in the dead animal, the beetle then has to bury that animal so that it can last long enough for the eggs to hatch and the larvae will then have a meal to feed on. This beetle is probably having a field day with all the dead animals I've been finding out Llandegfedd lately... I'm just glad that the Black Swan isn't one of them.