While approaching Llandegfedd today, I got that bubbling feeling in my stomach, though this time, instead of it being excitement, it was actually nerves. I no longer have that exciting feeling because it isn't that place of solitude that I've come to know and love anymore. What a massive shame! There are still no signs or fences as promised by Welsh Water to tell people where they should and shouldn't walk (at the North end) and so far, it looks like that is reflecting upon the wildlife. Last year we had 6 pairs of Reed Warbler present throughout the year and getting on territory fairly early on in the year, but, this year we have 1 single male singing his little heart out in the hope that a female turns up. Well, there is still time yet, and I hope that what little reed bed we have, remains to be a stronghold for these fascinating birds for the future. I hope that Welsh Water get some additional funding so that they can put some money into maintaining the North side for nature. I've included pictures of what used to be our bird ringing hut which has since been demolished and abandoned. What struck me the most was seeing the old BTO birding contracts on the walls celebrating partnership between business and the environment. This goes to show exactly how good Llandegfedd used to be.