It is that time of year where we can expect to have a few visitors from passing Ospreys. If you're not aware already, it's probably because I've kept it quiet and only told important people but, last year we had a pair of Ospreys for the entire of April but nothing was done over the winter with regard to repairing the current Osprey platform in time for spring season. All plans to erect our (Project Nestbox) own Platform on the Golf club grounds and the farmers fields were put on hold due to the current developments going on at Llandegfedd. We would want the location for the platform to be perfect and well away from human activity. This is looking to be a dream and very unlikely with all Welsh Waters investments going into public attractions like fishing, water-sports and a cafe. That said, my plans for today where to actually visit Llandegfedd after work to check whether any Ospreys were already present and it looks like Welsh Water have locked the gates with another lock so that key holders can't access. I then noticed that Gwent Ornithology Society had posted on their website that Llandegfedd is going to be shut at 3:30 in the evening and weekends due to 'key holders' leaving the gate open and letting the general public in resulting in a lot of littering. Personally, I think this is terrible... Only a few Key Holders visit Llandegfedd presently, all of which are responsible adults that always lock up behind them. Even I myself turned up to the north end one evening and the gate was open but you wouldn't then go and lock it behind you, just incase it was left open by welsh water for any reason? The only 'litter' I have noticed at the North End car park, hasn't been from the general public, it has actually been from the farmer who had his sheep on the land throughout the winter. He has managed to pile 5 ft of sheep wool over a fence and scattered it all over the car park... It was mentioned in GOS's post online that this will all change come April 1st and everything will resume to the way it was previously with a locked gate for Key Holders only but why they're doing that I don't know because they've said in countless emails that they are opening the North End up to the general public. Only time will tell.. I just hope that the wildlife isn't effected and that we don't loose Gwent's neglected jewell.