Activity was booming on the Canal with the warm weather that we had yesterday and today. Damselflies recorded so far have been: Common Blue, Blue-tailed and Red-eyed Damselflies. A Kingfisher appeared late evening that looked to be roosting on the edge of the woodland. 

We had a very large active Pike in full hunting mode too which for the most part was scaring people as they walked passed due to the big splash they would make when trying to catch the fish up against the bank. Amongst the Pike were nice sized bream and smaller roach all feeding on various things falling into the water. While trying to photograph one of the Pike, I took the opportunity to follow a head bream that was floating down the canal in the wind... It wasn't a Pike that came to eat it though.. It was the local Terrapin lol. Though for the most part he was just head butting the fish away from him, he did manage to pull off a few bites before carrying on with his business. He/she is certainly not afraid of people as it swam right up to me this time. If you have a Dog however, it will not stick around for long and you'll most likely hear a plop from him jumping back into the water.