27 small Tit boxes, 2 Robin boxes, 1 Little Owl and a huge Barn Owl nest box kept Project Nestbox busy today in Monmouth. We tackled it well however with systematic idea's coming from the brains of the bunch ;) I came up with the idea of using the ladder to carry 12 boxes at a time instead of making several trips up and down a muddy bank and it worked absolutely perfectly. 

The Barn owl box was a nightmare though! They are just so large and heavy, you really do need 3 people! Myself, Richard Evans and Ray Williams worked through it well using rope to hall the heavy box into place while it was screwed to the tree. A Woodcock and Goshawk was seen while out but currently without a camera/lens as my gear has yet to turn up... (estimate was today, so not happy!). 

Yesterday I came across and unknown plant! Rather than go through lots of books and crap descriptions online, who better to ask than the knowledgable Iolo Williams himself lol. It didn't take him long to respond and turns out the plant is actually called 'The Lord and Lady's Plant' which was news to me. Turns out they are quite fascinating plants indeed! "they have a penis-like appendage inside the pitcher which attracts insects. These pick up pollen then move on to the next plant. In Welsh, it's called 'pidyn y gog' (cuckoo's penis!!) Because the penis-like appendage appears around the same time as the cuckoo" Iolo Williams random fact of the day for you ;).