In the last 2 days I've been filming in 4 different Schools but luckily for me they were outdoors which meant I could capture a Redkite in Newinn and it also meant that I got to photograph the Eclipse as all the Kids where enjoying it as part of a school activity. I don't post up any of the Children's photo's online as we have only had permission for them to be posted on Richard Evans website @ Project Nestbox and I wouldn't want to upset any of the parents. We did however have such an amazing day in the sun today putting up their nest boxes on the street. 

If you're wondering how I took this photo of the Eclipse, I was lucky that the school were handing out welding glasses to the kids and managed to get the teacher to hold one in front of my lens for me while taking this burst of photos :). Productivity maxed out today! I will really miss working in the Schools! It's such a joyful feeling knowing that the kids enjoyed themselves and most importantly learnt something about wildlife!