Lovely couple hours of Sun! What a difference a bit of Sun makes. The Buzzards are all on the wing displaying this time of year and you will always see them flying when the Sun comes out. It is like a trigger that sets them off but it probably helps with their sight anyways. Nuthatches were very vocal today as they protect their nest holes and managed to time it just right as one was investigating a large hole in a dead tree. 

I think his name was Mark, apologies if I got that wrong! I'm terrible with names but he caught a very decent size Pike today on a stretch that is well known for them but extremely hard to fish. I've seen countless amounts of people fish this part of the canal and coming home disappointed so for a first cast catch, he did himself proud. Before he arrived a Goosander took his place, yet another Male found on this little body of water. 

The Lords and Ladies plants are really popping up everywhere now and it was nice to actually get a bit of light on them this time so I could get a photo. I'll try and document the changes in this plant as I have lots of them on my street.