Lots of Dragonfly on the wing today! Photographed my first Golden-ringed Dragonfly (still lots more to edit) and seen the first signs of new Froglet emerging from the water. Bumped into this Tawny Owl that was having a good old peak. I do have other news to share but due to legal issues I can't talk about it.. Just as well, as it is really really sad! It's regarding a Scheduled 1 Bird that by the looks has been poisoned :(. 

Also, Neodiprion sertifer (Pine Sawfly Larvae) was seen in the absolute thousands! Possible problematic in such high numbers so well worth keeping an eye on as these larvae will consume a lot of pine needles, to the extent that they can actually kill the tree altogether. 
It is said that if you get so many in one forest, on a quiet day, you can actually hear the droppings pattering on the forest floor.