While stuck indoors ill this week, I spent a lot of hours catching up behind the computer. In doing so I've re-designed by 'Rhythm of Birdsong' project website and also designed a new logo for the project. (I think I'll be re-designing my own logo after the time I spent on this one). 

Since graduation I have purposely put ROB on a back burner so that I could spend my time developing other aspects of my carreer in order to gain myself a Job in conservation. Well, I'm happy to say at this point that I have got myself a part-time Job in conservation: teaching students how to record wildlife for the Gwent Wildlife Trust. 

While teaching others how to record birds, it has reminded me how much of a passion I have for sound. It is that reason that I've decided to bring ROB back and my commitment is supported by a heavy investement! I'll be investing in a new Telinga Parabolic Microphone setup that is known world wide for its high quality microphones/parabola's.

Telinga Microphone