Today was a memorable day! Absolutely beautiful weather and plenty of fantastic wildlife showing really well for the camera. Lots of species of Damselfly on the canal already making the most of that warm sun, including this years first Emperor Dragonflies which are the first to emerge out of the larger Dragonflies. Llandegfedd's trip was short but wow! What a time! Some good and bad news however, the good news came in the form a Tawny Owl! She/He was hunting in the day time! Must be making up for the terrible weather we've had in the last couple days as it does have chicks to feed. The female Mandarin with her 4 chicks looked to be doing well until I examined the photos and it looks like she has a fishing hook stuck in her shoulder... Just in time to show Welsh Water at an official meeting with myself and the heads. Wish me luck! I have a full blown presentation ready for this meeting and I'm hoping that I'll have some good news to share with you as a result. There are a few exciting things happening at Llandegfedd, some of which, I can't even tell you!