Today I was very fortunate to be invited along to a meeting based around Biodiversity in Torfaen. Firstly, big thanks to Steve Williams (Torfaen's head ecologist) for inviting me and secondly, I'd just like to point out how lucky we are to have such great people and great minds sticking up for nature in our county. Without organisations like Gwent Wildlife Trust, Friends of the Earth, County Ecologists and self employed naturalists, our county and others surrounding it will be much worse off. Despite feeling quite 'safe' in their hands, they still need all the help they can get so if there is anything you yourself can do to support your local conservation groups, please help out. 

1 of the sites we visited today was, believe it or not... was Pets at Home in cwmbran.. Why on earth uh? Well, I heard about this before but thanks to some of the grassland being left to grow, we actually had wild Bee Orchids growing on the banks of the road side. This is a perfect example of how our ecology can re-establish itself sometimes if, just left alone. I learned a lot about grassland and meadows today which has made me appreciate my favourite meadows at Llandegfedd even more. 


Below I've included some photographs from yesterdays short morning trip around Pontypool. Happy to see another Redkite and also find quite good numbers of Redstarts.