Last nights photography trip went really well! (I think) I guess the photographs from the kids will be testament to that ;) I did take a look at a few of the pictures and I was impressed! I gave them the task to photograph something alive! Now, if they were clever, which some were...(too clever) they would have found ways of being able to do that really easy. For instance, they could have taken a picture of a leaf! or a tree! which in my opinion IS alive. However, some of the kids thought they were too clever and started taking selfies of themselves OR taking pictures of people walking their dogs! So I quickly reassured them that people or dogs don't count. That said, someone did get a picture of a worm and hopefully some of you were listening to me when I started to point out a few little creatures ? Well, some did listen and they did get pictures so i'm really looking forward to seeing them. 

Below is an arty iPhone picture of the group walking on their annual conker walk.

Scouts Photography Trip