Quick stop off at Llandegfedd after work. Hundreds of Goldfinches present around the meadows taking their share of seeds. Looks like they have had another great year as I even have flocks of them near me in Sebastopol. Most of that flock is actually youngsters however and not all of them will survive. The local Sparrowhawk keeps having a go at taking one or two and do you blame them? Certainly not! Goldfinches are very noisy vocal birds which is why they flock up like this as they need that security and extra eyes on the watch out. 

Still lots of Crickets in the meadows too! Only a few Roesel's at this particular hour, most of the cricket noises coming from the Dark Bush Crickets which actually sing throughout night too unlike the Roesel's. 

I didn't do any recording on this occasion as I've actually got a problem with my gear right now. Something that I've been in contact with Telinga about and somehow will have to get this sorted during the next couple months. Hopefully before the Red Grouse monitoring.