For those who are perhaps new to my blog, around this time last year I found a Hornets nest on my local patch in South Sebastopol that happened to be inside an unused Bat Box. I've been keeping an eye on it this year in the hope that they would use it again and upon seeing a few flying around, it didn't look like they returned to that same box. Just as well really because the box wasn't that big so they didn't have much room to expand. I did however find the new nest today which is actually in the same tree that the Nuthatches nested in this year. That is good news for the Hornets because they probably have a lot more room in that trunk to expand the nest. I know people don't like them but I actually quite like seeing these large wasp like insects in flight... They fly like they are a mission and they rarely stray away from their duty, perhaps only to have a quick rest before getting straight back to business. 

Hornets August 27th