Rumour has it that Painted Ladies are already turning up in the UK. Painted Ladies are usually spring/summer migrants much like our Swallows so it came as a shock to me to find out that they were already turning up! infact, I didn't believe it! That was until I was treated to a flyby today around midday at Peterstone Coastal Path! Myself and Philip Yendle were pretty taken back at this sighting, so much so that it distracted us for a while from the Short Eared Owls. I didn't however manage to get a photograph as the Butterfly had the wind behind it and landed somewhere in amongst the reeds. Typical. My intended trip was meant for the Short Eared Owls as this spot is notorious for holding good numbers of SEO throughout the winter months. We only spotted one distant bird so nothing great to show you but I intend of visiting again in a couple weeks time now knowing where the best spots are.