If you didn't know, I am actually colourblind. Colourblindness isn't what most people expect though, I can see colour, I'm just limited with certain shades of particular colours. For me Autumn is hard to appreciate, not just because everything gets colder and wetter but because I can't really appreciate the full spectrum of colour that everyone has come to love as the trees change over. I lack the ability to see Red, this includes colours that include Red in their spectrum so most colours wouldn't look the same to me as everyone else. Not only do I lack Red, I am overly sensitive to Yellows, Greens and Oranges, so that makes it ever harder for me in a sea of green. Once the leaves start turning yellow, that is when I start to appreciate the colours but by then its not really autumn anymore. 

I've mentioned this because the picture below, for me takes a way a lot of distraction for me. Simplifying this photo of kingfisher taken in the summer has actually made me appreciated the detail more. I'm going to call this the 'neon' project. I'll hopefully be able to do this same editing technique on some more of my colourful photographs and strip the photos down to the most vibrant colours only. Will be an interesting project which may not be for everyone, but I like it. 

(Plus I've been ill for a while and needed to do something..)