As 2016 comes to a close, it's time to reflect, learn and move forward. Personally, despite many of my friends, family and loved ones having a tough year, I can't grumble about anything. With a new Job (albeit temporary) and more future opportunities growing every day, I'm going into 2017 very positive. If I were to have any resolutions, it would be to print / sell more of my photographs, so as of January, I'll be committing to an online web-based store selling both calendars and photography prints in various forms (canvas and aluminium prints). My prices aren't going to cheap to start off with as I will need to print them commercially but hopefully with more experience, they will become more affordable and therefor more profitable. It will however be easy so long as you're used to using Paypal for your online orders. 

To reflect on 2016, here are some of my favourite photographs. I know it's been slow since September, that's simply due to lack of time in the day. Hopefully that will change once Spring 2017 arrives and we gain more light in the evenings. I'll try my best and I'm sure you will give 2017 your best also. Happy New Year to all of my friends, family and followers, I hope it brings you Joy.