Cold day but still plenty of spring signs in the air today. Day started off with this Male Blue Tit fighting with its own reflection in a car mirror. It's something we get often in spring on my street. It's really entertaining watching them try and bite themselves...I wonder if it's just practice for the real thing or whether it actually thinks that there is another Blue Tit on the other side of that mirror...

Long-tailed Tits weren't happy with me today with no Fat Ball Feeder.. The squirrels managed to polish off the last bit I had left too so they had to settle for the peanuts. I did actually find the fat ball feeder in the end.. someone had set it up at green pool hide instead... to my disapproval. 

I intended on recording the sound of the Water Rail today at Green Pool Hide (Llandegfedd) but they didn't perform like they did yesterday. I did however stumble upon this mouse! Which I believe to be a Harvest Mouse as it appeared yellow in colour, had short ears and long tail.. It certainly wasn't like any of the typical field/wood mice I've seen and it wasn't a vole. 
This is a pretty nice find if it is a Harvest Mouse as I know they aren't doing so well in the Uk. This was right next to the Reed Bed so pretty good chance that they are breeding there. I'll keep an eye out for them in the future, hopefully will get a photograph next time round.