Always so much to talk about and so much to show from a Slimbridge visit. I highly recommend the place if you're yet to visit. Plenty of spring activity here too which fighting Coots, Displaying Great Crested Grebes, Wigeon on the move and our Bewick Swans readying for their flight back to Siberia. Male and Female Sparrowhawks were regulars at the Kingfisher hide, though don't expect to get the picture easy! That wasn't the birds playing hard to get, it was the fight you had to put up in order to get thru the crowd of people once you shout Sparrowhawk! I had this really rude Man practically knocking me out of my square hole in the hide just so he could get in on the action. I took that shot below on my tip toes between 7 people who had taken over the seat I was just sat on. How rude! Some people are clearly just in it for the shot. Next time I won't do them any favours and keep my sightings to myself.