I won't speak too much of the 'Falcon Experience' I had this morning but I will talk about the great company I had on todays outings. Good friend Paul Joy and I share in the odd wildlife trip to random places on what always ends up being an adventure. Here are a few head shots of my favourite owls from the captive owl experience we had today. 

Personally though, as beautiful as the birds were, the latter half of our day was the best and the most 'romantic' haha. Paul and I ended up watching the Sun set at Goldcliff point on the sea wall while experimenting... with slow... shutter photography haha. (Yes I realise how bad that was sounding but it's all good). Here are some of the results from that session. I personally love a good slow shutter photo and for those who aren't educated in photography terms, it simply means: a photograph that has been taken over a long period of time, in this case around 20 seconds. This gives you motion in the water as the sea retreated.