Every year, Llandegfedd has spring and autumn visitors of all kinds, but by far the most exciting visitor for me is the Ospreys. You have to be very lucky to catch one here, or spend a lot of time during peak periods to see one. I seem to be very lucky because I've seen Ospreys on Llandegfedd for the last 4 years straight. I've also manage to get photographs, if only ID shots, but all of them are proving to be important in finding out how many Ospreys use this route on their Migration. So far I've managed to photograph 2 individuals with rings on their legs and this year was no exception but with light fading, I couldn't quite work out what the ring said. I've sent the photographs off so I'm hoping that they may be able to find out by the wing markings instead. This information is very important as these birds may want to stay to breed one year (if I can get the Osprey Platform repaired.. hint hint WW). 

The picture is a heavy crop so excuse the quality but this is Llandegfedd this April 2016. We may even get more turning up so keep your eyes pealed!