So many bugs out in this heat. I wouldn't call myself a professional in this field but I've tried my best to ID the creatures below. First off is a Paederus riparius (Rove Beetle) found today at Magor Marsh followed by lots of mating Green Dock Beetles, so named as they're usually found on Dock Leaves. Picture below that is my personal favourite of a Nursery Web Spider on a plant that I've not seen before called a Red Dead-nettle. Lastly one of my favourite large Beetles which is quite numerous on the Blorenge Mountain called a Bloody Nosed Beetle, so named because it secretes a blood substance to deter predators. The BNB in subject is actually a male and you can tell this by the large feet with yellow pads underneath which the females do not have. The male needs these extra large pads to hold on to the females when mating.