Llandeg Meadow #Pictured Path

North meadows have had a slight change in management this year. For some reason, during the winter the meadow was cut in a mosaic fashion (probably to encourage walkers to explore or for the sheep to get into the meadow for better grazing). Either way, you can clearly see that the cut (or lack of) has made a huge difference in what was has grown. The cut areas are looking so much better, with less towering grasses and more biodiversity. More Orchids are showing as a result on these areas despite them still being widespread. I'm not sure whether this is a good or a bad thing just yet but it's interesting to see the physical effects of two very difference techniques. I'm not referring to the picture above by the way, that was cut for the running event in May this year. A topic for another blog I think...

Large Skipper

Things aren't looking so great at Llandegfedd, I have to admit. There's only so much I can do as a volunteer with health and safety regulations but I do wonder sometimes if my efforts are wasted. Below is a picture of the old wildlife learning hut that has had a leaking roof for quite some time. This was just a matter of time. What will happen to the future of this hut is pretty clear the way things are going. 


Also the view from most of the hides have got to that point in the year where the only thing that they are good for is Reed Warblers. Not that I don't like Reed Warblers but that isn't what they were built for and this area does need attention.  


The way I see it is, if we don't make it easier for people to watch nature, how can we expect people to appreciate it?