If you've been watching Springwatch, you would have seen the short clip about the Nightjars found on the Heathland at Minsmere Nature Reserve. Nightjars are by far my favourite birds, and for so many different reasons. Everything about them, sound, sight and behaviour, fascinates me! 

I've been working really hard, spending many late nights being eaten alive. All those hours spent outdoors in the pitch black being eaten paid off tonight and I can't even wait till the morning to show you! Please put your headphones on, this isn't one you want to miss! 


It doesn't really get much better than this.. and I'm not blowing my own trumpet here, I simply mean that this bird performed so well for me! I had the classic wind clapping, the Male call topped off by a full song and ending in a thunderous applause while winding down. 

If there was anything I could do to protect these birds and ensure we hold onto them for as long as we can, I would do anything!. To have them on our own doorstep is so amazing and I'll be spending many more nights watching them display, feeding and listening to that incredible sound that comes over you like a wave and washes all your troubles away. #bliss

Male Nightjar

I did also manage to witness some mating behaviour and I'll talk about this in another blog. I also managed to capture the sound of the female! Which isn't something many people talk about because its not as 'fancy' as the males bold song. I've personally never heard a female until tonight but i'm sure I'll learn more and more about these birds as time goes on.