This time of year you can expect to see a lot more Kingfishers in our waterways, this is because most (if successful) would have finished their first brood of chicks and will hopefully be starting a second. This provides us with the great opportunity to see the youngsters spread out into areas you simply wouldn't otherwise see them in. Local ponds, canals, rivers and lakes will likely have a few Kingfishers around so keep your eyes pealed for that orange and blue flash that flies straight as an arrow and very fast wing beats. 

This is the closest I've ever been to a Kingfisher and despite seeing many before, there is nothing like getting up close and seeing all the subtle movements and poses they take when on the perch fishing. I've just about worked out the best time to photograph them so will hopefully get some more pictures to share with you. 

Some other notable species from local patch were the many Toadlets hopping along the path and grassland. Quite a few Green Orb-Weever Spiders in the meadows and a surprised Pied Flycatcher that was looking a little worse for wear. Possible malting feathers or this years youngster finally reaching adult plumage. 

Pied Flycatcher Male (Possibly Juvi or Malt)