Back tracking a little here as this trip happened last Friday as my Brother and I had the rare occasion of having the same day off. I didn't have anything on the photography list really this time, just enjoying the sites, sounds and ecology that the Wye Valley / Forest of Dean has. We saw lots of great things, Silver Washed Fritillaries, Common Lizards (and that was just in the car park). The Peregrines didn't show very well for Yat Rock but they were very vocal. We saw many signs of Wild Boar and Deer on our adventure down an un-used track. 

What do you think this is below? At first I thought, eggs! It has to be right? Perhaps Butterfly eggs? Well, that's what I thought until I did a little bit of googling and turns out they are Fern Spores. I came across a thread where a guy was explaining what they were to someone else with a similar photograph as mine below, the guy replied with this 'you clearly don't know anything about Ferns do you?' haha. Well I don't! they are indeed Fern Spores, this is how the seeds for the plant are spread, The shells burst and the spores catch the wind and can travel very large distances. It all makes sense now why they seemed so perfectly placed underneath the leaves.