Had to pick something up for the car from Devon today, so the plan was to stop off to one of the many recommendations I had for nature places to visit. Once we arrived at Devon however, I was pretty tired and had a lingering headache so we ended up driving straight back home. A very quick stop off at Magor Marsh on the way back seemed to save the day for photography as the Water Voles were showing well. One thing I love about Magor Marsh, the locals use it regularly, not just for wildlife watching, but a place of solace, and more recently... as part of a the trending game 'Pokemon Go'. (Google it if you don't know yet). It's also used for exercise as people regularly use the tracks as part of their daily run. This doesn't diminish the place though, in-fact for me, it makes it better, as it means the wildlife gets used to the sound of people and therefor, makes them more approachable for me to photograph. The water voles are prime examples of that. So long as you don't move suddenly or make a loud noise, they'l happily carry on with their business. 

Water Vole