Yesterday I witnessed something pretty incredible! As you may have heard already, there is a Bittern showing really well at Morgans Pond in Bettws. It's been there for over a week now and many people have come to see it. There has also been quite a few sightings of the local Mink during this time and people did wonder what would happen if a Mink and the Bittern were to cross paths.. Well, today that exact scenario happened and I managed to witness it all right from the beginning. I didn't however manage to capture it very well, but I could win an award for most blurring pictures! 

Bittern Displaying at Mink

Above is where it started! The mink was approaching from the right, climbing on-top of a log to get more height. You could clearly see the Mink was thinking out a strategy to get close enough to pounce at this point. 

Mink looking at Bittern

Mink Charging with mouth open

Cutting to the chase, it all happened so fast, the Mink charged at the Bittern and narrowly misses the bite around the neck by a couple inches. The Bittern saw it coming so just about had enough time to get air born and out of reach. The mink is by far the biggest I've ever seen! It could pass for a small Otter its that fat! You can see that it has obtained an injury at some point also, no doubt from its crazy attitude.