What a place! Can't believe they want to build houses here.. Had some great birds on the british, with Red Grouse, Reed Bunting, Redstart, Wheatear, Cuckoo, Wood Warbler and a Ringed Whinchat that appears to be one of Steven Smiths birds from Blaenavon. Whinchats are fresh in from Africa at the moment so it will be interesting to see if this particular Bird will carry on moving back to its breeding grounds from which it was born, or whether it will hold a new territory nearby. Either way, what a great success story. If we can possible catch the  bird or get a better photo of the ring, we will be able to find out exactly how old this bird is. 

Towards the evening I stopped off at Llandegfedd, just before we were hit by a hail storm, only to find lots of Orange-tips pairing up. <3 Love is in the air.