What a weekend! and what a pleasure to see so many birders this weekend turning up to see the 2! Ospreys present at Llandegfedd. Our original male has picked up a female bird and both are showing signs of courting so it's worth keeping a safe distance from any perched birds and observe them from the Dam, North Car Park, Petingale or Bert Hammar Hide for extended viewing in the morning or late evening. Quite a few birders were treated this morning only feet from their cars at the north car park (Glascoed End) with a fly-by from both birds as they inquisitively checked us out while fishing. 

Possibly the same male? 

Looking back through old records and our current male could well be the same male we had July 2016 last year, (See picture above) that also stayed for over a month in July before heading off. There were two other birds present last year also, one with a Blue ring that we didn't make out in the end. Could be a coincidence but the female he's picked up this year also has a Blue ring which we finally got a closer look of today and it so reads NW1

Female Osprey NW1

I'm yet to find out details from this bird but it's likely a young female as the Ring info isn't on any of the Ring Data listed online. This could mean it's been rung very recently but time will tell, I'm just waiting on a phone call. 

A beautiful Common Tern showed really well from the visitors centre around 8am and tucked up most of the day on the Fishnets after a mornings fishing. Loved the fact that it landed on one of the safety boats I regularly use.