Tree Creepers, Goldcrests, Mistle Thrushes, Meadow Pipit, and much more on todays outings. I love finding local wildlife. It means so much more than travelling half the country chasing around after wildlife that other people have found for you. Of course, I love seeing the country and all it's beauty, but I also seek to find the beauty right here on our doorstep. Who would have thought that we had localised Hawfinch? I certainly didn't. Though this winter is a particularly good year to see Hawfinch with a large influxes turning up all over Europe from places like Russia. There are a few theories as to why we've had such a large number of Hawfinches this winter, some say it's due to mass de-forestation in combination with food shortage.. Who knows?, but I'll certainly be making the most of them. Keep an eye on your local Yew tree's, often planted around Churches and you may just find some yourself if you haven't already. I'd even be bold enough to say that most Yew Tree's in the Uk would have had a Hawfinch visit at some point this winter, so it's well worth keeping your eyes pealed for the Uk's largest finch!