Todays forecast of 15+ degrees seemed a perfect excuse to go looking for my local Adder population on the blorenge. I’m still yet to see an Adder (Alive), and feel like 2019 will be my year as I’m more determined. Yomping thru the heather, checking all the rocks and sneaking up quietly to dry-stone-walls clearly wasn’t enough to spot one. My plan went straight out the window though when I flushed my first Red Grouse, 1 of 6 that day. It was then that I realised I had lost my expensive pair of sunglasses!! Nooooooo!! The day was getting worse! Trying to retrace your steps when you’ve been following a few grouse around in deep heather and bracken was an impossible task, but I tried twice today, yomping back thru the heather like it was going out of fashion. Got some nice blisters from the wellies that were by then, filled with heather seeds. So I don’t have any decent pics to share with you from today beautiful sunshine. Other than this distant Male Red Grouse, who’s to blame for the loss of my Sunglasses. If you look him in the eye you can see he’s actually laughing at me. #blamethegrouse #revengeisnear