Following on from a random Wood Duck sighting last month at 14 locks, it came to my attention (thanks to Jeff Chard) that 10 Wood Duck was present at Ebbwvale Festival Park lake. The odds were most certainly in the favour of domestic ducks, likely from a private collection that have either been released or escaped, as these Birds are Native to North America, and despite the minute possibility of one blowing off course during migration, it was unlikely that 10 birds did the same thing. Asking the locals, it turns out they are 100% domestic, as there is a guy locally that bred them who also owns Peacocks… Seems odd to own non-native species of Bird and allow them to fly around Ebbwvale with no consequences.. Someone needs to speak with this person as it is illegal to introduce non-native species into the wild. Either way, theres no denying, they are beautiful Ducks! so why wouldn’t you want to see them? Unless of course you’re a ‘Birder’ who doesn’t like birds?

This is why I love photography, as it forces you to look past whats considered ‘acceptable’ and to simply appreciate the beauty in everything, regardless of its rarity or origin.

One thing I love about the Festive Lake was the variety of species, with Kingfisher, Heron, Goosander, Crossbill, Siskin, Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Sparrowhawk, Redwing, Fieldfare, Water Rail, Bullfinch, Green Woodpecker and many more common species, all of which were fairly used to people. The trees are covered in Moss and Lichens, even the man made wooden benches are covered in Fungi, making it a fabulous spot for Macro photography.