To keep my sanity at yet another bad period of health, I've found myself spending the last couple days expanding my knowledge and finding new ways to display my photography to you. 
This is a 3 minute introductory to a new style of photography, called 'Cinemagraph Photography'. In my last business meeting it was discussed that it would be beneficial for me to start doing more video content, and for a photographer, primarily capturing still imagery, this seemed like an odd thing to do, after-all, if I wanted to take videos, I'd buy a video camera right? Maybe one day..
For now, I think adding a little movement to my images may just make photography within video a little more interesting to watch. 

Cinemagraphing is the combination of video and still imagery in the same sequence. Let me know what you think? 

All of the images / videos used in the video below were taken at Llandegfedd Reservoir