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Feed The Birds

Wasn't long ago I was talking about Spring! With spring flowers in full bloom and lots of birds singing. Some pretty cold temperatures have been replaced with that however, followed by a Red Warning for wind and snow. Gusty cold conditions like this make it really tough for birds to survive. While some are extremely good at surviving in harsh conditions, others aren't, and they do perish as a result. Small birds like Coal Tits need to consume at-least 30% of their body weight per day in order to survive, some may need up to 100%!. Theres no better time to put high fat seeds, fat balls and meal worms out for your Garden Birds, as without it, they may struggle. 
The images below were taken yesterday at Ian Howell's Woodland Bird Hide. A fabulous hide with a great selection of species. The cold snap even brought in a Greenfinch which was a new species for the feeders. I wish I had a setup like this at home but I'll still continue to feed the birds, even if it's only Jackdaws and Black-headed Gulls that make the most of it. 

Reflecting on the day

Always up for trying new photography techniques and I've personally not tried this before but had a lot of fun today on a new reflection pool. These are just a select few of my favourites from today. I'll be digging into these files for a while having come home with over 1000 photographs. I'll distribute them throughout the year lol. 

Peacock & Goldfinch...

In other news, here is a Peacock and Goldfinch... Nearly ran the Peacock over trying to find my location and the Goldfinch was part of a large flock on the coast :)

Winter Birds

Winter is pretty much here! It felt really cold on the moorland today and the birds new it! This time of year, they only have one thing on their mind and that is, food! Thankfully, that is where we can help out and providing birds with food throughout winter is sometimes the only lifeline certain species have. 

Brambling Extended

Another great session with the Brambling today! Finally got the male where I wanted him and even managed to get both male and female on same perch. Most importantly, I managed to learn quite a lot from observing them up close, not just behaviour but also sound. Also learned that nobody messes with a Goldfinch! Absolute bullies they are haha. I though the snapping sound of the bill of a Brambling was enough to scare anything off but the pure persistence and anger of a Goldfinch always seemed to come on top.