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Patching in Sunlight

Between showers we had some beautiful light today. Some would say it was even too bright at times but personally it was nice to see a bit of blue in the sky. Below, the first picture is of 'Wall Screw-moss' which is pretty common and as the name suggests, likes walls. Check your Garden wall and you may have some yourself. I took a picture of them because the morning sun lit them up beautifully and as the sun was so low in the sky, half of the wall was still in shadow, giving the image a two toned vibe. Below that is Goosander, one of two on the South Sebastopol stretch of canal. A notable sized flock of Redpoll was also feeding in the tree tops along the canal and in the wet woodland. 


Spent a lot of time close to home this weekend. Even walked around Cwmbran Boating Lake which is especially busy on the weekends which I generally try to avoid. Glad I visited though as I did record a Marsh Tit on arrival and had a great time watching early spring behaviour coming from the waterfowl / Great Spotted Woodpeckers that have already lined up a few nesting holes ready for spring. 

Last night I gave my second ever talk, this time at Gwent Ornithological Society' AGM meeting. Still not a massive fan of talking in front of people but it was received well with some very good questions at the end which proved they were listening lol. On a serious note, my talk was on Mimicry in birds, something that is a difficult topic to talk about considering how much mimicry happens day-to-day. 

Today also saw a small flock of Waxwing at Morrisons Carpark in Cwmbran! Finally starting to get some local sightings. They weren't showing very well though due to the activity there, they seemed a bit shy compared to the urban sightings I've had so far. 

Happy New Year

Not too late am I?..

Managed to get out on my local patches (Other than Llandegfedd) today. Was nice to be greeted with birds in full song! Heard my first Song Thrush, Goldcrest, Blackbird, Robin, Blue Tit, Dunnock and Coal Tit singing together on what ended up being quite a lovely evening. Goosander and Kingfisher were quite entertaining but hearing that Song Thrush really made my day. 

Canon 7D mk ii Test

Well, a very rubbish day for photography but perhaps that is the best way to test a camera? My street has always been the toughest street for wildlife photography because it is down an embankment and covered by tall tree's so in the winter hardly any sun gets to it. Yet, even with the cloudy dull skies, I still managed to get sharp usably shots with this new camera! I'm so so impressed and can't wait for some decent weather so I can get some more photography under my belt. It's fair to say, when you have good gear, you get inspired to make full use of its potential and the headroom has gone up vastly with this upgrade. I unfortunately however have to upgrade my photoshop due to the Raw files not being supported by the version I had.. So this is even more money to spend but currently on a 30 day trial to get the ball rolling. 

I visited 2 schools today with Project Nestbox to get some more footage for a new episode of Forest School :) (38 kids with hammers didn't go down so well with my headache)