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Great White Egret

End of Season

My first season as a Ranger at Llandegfedd has ended and what better way to end it than with a Black Tern and Great White Egret! It was nice to also receive a card and box of biscuits from Valery (Local Resident and Llandegfedd's star litter picker). She deserves a medal for the amount of time and effort she puts into keeping the place look tidy, that and she's genuinely a lovely person so it meant a lot to receive a personal card from her. Other notable sightings at Llandegfedd came from Craig Constance yesterday morning with a flock of Hawfinch! They appear to be popping up all over the country at the moment, suspected to be caused by the destruction of large forests in Russia. 

Suddenly I have lots of time on my hands for the next 4 months till the next season starts (If they have me back). If you know of any conservation work this winter, i'd appreciate getting in-touch with me. 

With beautiful weather today, you'd think I'd be out in the car venturing off somewhere special with my camera, but instead, I'm stuck at home with a fractured wrist..
Not exactly what I had planned after work finished but maybe I need the rest? 
Will need to go back to the hospital next week for a scan as it's a 'complicated' bone that may need further attention if it doesn't heal properly. 

That said, I can still hold the camera! Turns out I carry the camera with my left hand and all the right hand does is press the shutter lol. So a little trip across the canal is all I'm able to do for now till I can drive again. 

Hamm Wall Fun

Spent a couple hours with good friend Paul Joy today at Hamm Wall RSPB Nature Reserve. By far my favourite RSPB reserve with incredible diversity of wildlife and extremely well managed place. I was introduced to this site through my first 'twitch' to go see the Hudsonian Godwit. (Hudwit). On this occasion I just wanted to introduce Paul to the site so that he could familiarise himself with the place. I wasn't expecting to still see Hobby's but there were still a few around! Still LOTS of Dragonflies on the wing so it was a buffet for them! Plenty of Marsh Frogs still on the ponds with lots of newly transformed tadpoles. We saw lots of other birds from Kingfishers, Marsh Harriers, Great White Egrets, Snipe, Black-necked Grebe and lots of the usuals. 

Llandegfedd.. again..

You wonder why I spend so much time at Llandegfedd? Well, finding a Dark Green Fritillary is worth the extra visits! They have been reported there in the past but I've never seen them for myself so this visit was extra special. Great White Egret is still present, though very flighty! I haven't managed to get within 100feet  of the bird. I guess this is probably down to the amount of photographers that have already tried photographing it. Perhaps some of them getting too close and making the bird more spooked about human activity. I did also get some photographs of a Common Sandpiper but this is being reviewed as the bird seems to have fishing line stuck to its feet. Yet another bird to fall victim to irresponsible fisherman. 

Pontypool Uplands & Llandeg Re-visit

So much activity today, I don't know where to start! As a naturalist, it is very hard to document everything this time of year. It all happens so fast and all at the same time. A single Hobby was spotted and as a result, I missed a great opportunity with the Great White Egret.. Just the way it goes sometimes haha. Dragonfly activity today was fantastic! I got a new species (at least for me) at Llandegfedd in the form of an Emerald Damselfly. Not the best photograph of the Emerald though as it is slightly out of focus but good enough ID shot. Single Banded Demoiselle and plenty of Broad-bodied Chasers. Marbled Whites were abundant and the Great White Egret wasn't playing game at all... It is really shy. Altogether, a fabulous day. If you read yesterdays blog, I didn't manage to find that lure so I just hope that it doesn't end up being picked up again.

Great White Egret @ Llandegfedd

Well,.. Fresh in for Llandegfedd was our first Great White Egret which is still present despite a recent run in with a fishing lure... Thanks to Steve Nelmes's visit to Llandegfedd, he was able to photograph the bird with a fishing lure with treble hooks wrapped around the birds bill! (Steve's photography provided) Naturally I was very worried and visited first light the next morning to see if the bird was ok. THANKFULLY! It was all fine and the bird managed to shake it off.  I'll visit again tomorrow to try and find the lure so this doesn't happen again!