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Old Man Photography

For those expecting photos of old men, sorry to disappoint you. The only old man today was the person taking the photos, or at-least, that is how I feel currently with back problems. Despite that I tried my best today with good friend Ian Howells. Spent more time in the car today driving around to different locations but I'll let you decide if the results paid off. I'm pretty happy with some of the photos from today with some decent light for a change. 

Frosty Morning!

Averaging around 0ºc this morning and the birds were really showing a difference in behaviour. On the way to my feeding station I watched a poor Jackdaw getting malled by another Jackdaw and a few Magpies. Birds only really have one thing worth fighting for in the Winter and that's food. Same sort of behaviour at the feeding station also with Blue Tits fighting, rolling on the floor like Dogs! 

Another good morning though and todays surprise visitors came with attitude. Both Great Spotted Woodpecker and Nuthatch were jealously competing for the peanuts before I ran out. 

Had lunch at the visitors centre @ Llandegfedd afterwards and the cold weather had brought in a lot more wildfowl that usual. Red / Fieldfare numbers were quite high too, especially at the north end. The annual Peregrine Falcon's are still using the Osprey Pole as a look out along the mud flats. 

Road Trip

A hunt for Red Squirrels saw an early start of 3am this morning to get to North Wales for sun rise. The day didn't quite go to plan with a number of challenges, number 1 of which was Dog Walkers. I returned to the same woodland that brought me success last year but this time, on a weekend instead of a week day, which turned out to be a big mistake. Either way, the scenery in North Wales was spectacular and well worth the travel. In our time there we were entertained by the bubbling sounds of Curlew overhead, the whistling echoes of Wigeon and the scratching bark of  Nuthatches frantically stealing all the nuts we brought with us. 

Intended Subject

My last post was about Reed Buntings and the photograph featured 'a really nice perch' that I intended to use for something else.. Below you'll see a different bird, this time a Nuthatch and this still isn't the intended subject but everything seems to look good on this perch so I'll have to use it lol. Any guesses what bird I'm trying to get on this perch? 

New Species to the feeders

I didn't know what to expect when I first started filling the feeders at Llandegfedd but after only a week we had Marsh Tit and the species list has been growing ever since. We've had a few visits from Siskin though a bit randomly and finally the local Nuthatches have caught on. They were actually the slowest of the native species to get onto these feeders.. I'm not sure why that is but i'm happy they have arrived. Even if they do steal all the nuts...

Winter Birds

Winter is pretty much here! It felt really cold on the moorland today and the birds new it! This time of year, they only have one thing on their mind and that is, food! Thankfully, that is where we can help out and providing birds with food throughout winter is sometimes the only lifeline certain species have. 

Red Squirrel success :D

I had such an amazing day with Mike Warbuton, Andrew Symonds and Lee Parsons today, well worth the long journey up to North Wales and despite a shadow following me around, we had a great time with a successful photography session.. JUST! It all happened within the last 30 minutes of our trip and the Dog walkers provided an extra challenge. 

Here are just a few of my faves from the trip