The best of both worlds - Cinemagraph Photography

Cinemagraph Photography

The Cinemagraph technique isn't new by any means, but it's certainly new to me and I intend on pushing the boundaries with Cinemagraph Photography to bring my photographs to life and bring a new element to an audience that thrives on video footage. A cinemagraph is a merge of both video and still imagery and I think the newer generation of people appreciate video content more than photography, which makes it hard for people like myself who strive to capture that perfect still moment. Cinemagraph-ing is the half way point for me until one day I'm brave enough to invest in a video camera. When I do anything in life, I like to do it properly, so video from my DSLR isn't really an option as the quality of video isn't really up to scratch. That said, I will throw in the odd video in here and there.