For many hours I have sat inside Green Poole Hide at Llandegfedd during every season but by far the most amazing experience I've had has been during winter when the wintering Teal and Wigeon arrive. The sound of Teal is just magical, it just doesn't sound like a Duck! It sounds even more incredible when you get 200+ birds gather in a small pool. I ran back to the car in the rain to get my recording gear as they all of a sudden started to perform mating rituals in the centre of the pool having spent most of the time around the edge resting. Suddenly the place came alive with sound. I've done the best I could to record this experience for you but it was taken inside a hide so you will hear a few creaks and cracks from the wood work. I hope you enjoy the recording. 

Is that an Osprey on the Osprey Platform?! no.. It's 'just' a Peregrine Falcon! No biggy!