1 Bird that I'm seeing a lot of lately is the Chaffinch: An underrated bird that has unfortunately fallen victim to a disease in the Uk called trichomonosis. This disease became apparent in the Uk in 2005 and mainly targeted our Green / Chaffinches. 

Sadly, I've already noticed that a couple of the Chaffinches at Llandegfedd have this disease as you can see in the picture. The feet are the outside signs but eventually they will die as it can leave some birds completely footless. You can help fight this disease by making sure that your feeders in your garden are regularly cleaned as this disease has spread thanks to our feeders. 

I'll leave you with a more pleasant picture of a Male Chaffinch, as you can see, they have a mossy green rump which is often all you see as they fly off in the distance.